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Watch Movement Repair

If your watch doesn’t work after changing battery or it doesn’t keep correct time, that means the movement of your watch need repairing. Regardless what the problem is, our experienced watchmakers are here to investigate your watch movement, diagnose the problems and will be happy to give you their expert advice.

Upon their investigations, if the verdict of our watchmakers is that it is financially advisable repairing the movement of your watch, then we will quote an estimate price and the lead time for the repair. Only after your confirmation, we will proceed with the repair.

We are proud to offer watch movement repair service in-house to our customers in London.

The working principles of a quartz watch is very straight forward. The battery powers the circuit which is connected to a quartz crystal. Power makes quartz crystal oscillate (32,768 times per second), then microchip circuit detects these oscillations and turns them into regular electric pulses. These constant electric pulses drive the stepping motor which drive the second, minute and hour hands. So there are few things might be wrong with your mechanism.

  • Worn and broken wheels etc.
  • Malfunctioning in the circuit, quartz crystal, microchip, broken connections.
  • Old, dried grease and oil sticks to gears

As quartz watches ages, the grease and oil which lubricates and makes all components of your watch work in harmony start losing its specifications. This causes high levels of frictions between the moving parts. This friction puts unnecessary pressure on all components. Even though the watch tries to compensate this by consuming more electrical power which drains the battery, in the long term it results in unpreventable damage to your watch.

If you get your watch battery changed by a professional watchmaker and if the old battery lasted you 3 years and the new battery only lasted you one years that means, the watch needs servicing if we consider both batteries are the same make and quality.

We can repair quartz, mechanical, wind up, automatic watches.