Watch Battery Replacement and Resealing

One of the most common causes of a quartz watch to stop working is a low powered battery. Our expert watch technicians are able to change batteries of any watch brand, while you wait, including premium Swiss watches such as Breitling, Cartier, Ebel, RW, Omega, Rado as well as fashion brands like Michael Kors, Armani and Diesel among others. Same day professional watch battery replacement service is available in all our branches.

For your peace of mind, Watch Surgery offers a one year warranty on battery replacements when accompanied by the original proof of purchase. In order to ensure the longevity of our batteries, we only use Swiss watch batteries, which are specifically designed for use in watches.

Generally, watch batteries have a lifespan of two to five years. Longevity of the watch battery depends on the type and age of the watch, the dimensions of the battery, the amount of energy used to operate its various functions, and the frequency with which these functions are being used. For instance the energy consumption of a chronograph watch when the chrono function is activated is much higher than that of a watch that merely indicates the time.

Some watches are equipped with a battery power indicator: when the seconds-hand jumps in intervals of several seconds, it is time for the battery to be replaced.

Each watch undergoes the same battery replacement and resealing procedure, which includes:

  • Inspection:Our watch technicians will carry out a full inspection of your timepiece during battery replacement in order to ensure that all components inside your timepiece, including seals and gaskets, are in pristine condition. A detailed examination of the movement will not take place during the battery replacement. However, if an obvious fault is detected, we will inform you of it.
  • Swiss Battery: We use the highest quality Swiss batteries. These are designed to be used in watches and are recommended and used by most Swiss watch manufacturers.
  • Resealing:In order to ensure that your watch is once again water resistant, we reseal all the gaskets with a special re-sealant. Over time, the water-resistance seal of a watch, also known as the watch gasket, undergoes natural deterioration. The rate of deterioration will be faster if the watch is worn during sporting activities or regularly comes into contact with water. If during our inspections our watchmakers identify that the seals/gaskets of your time piece are in poor condition and should be replaced in order to maintain the water resistance of your watch, then you will be made aware of the situation and we will replace the damaged gaskets with your consent.
  • Pressure Testing:Across our branches, we have the latest Swiss water-proof testing equipment to pressure-test watches while you wait. It is highly recommended to have your waterproof and water-resistant watches pressure tested when you change the batteries. It is your responsibility to request this additional service.
  • Please see the below watch rating chart which shows the various specifications and what they really mean, for your reference.