Jewellery Polishing

Where can I polish and clean my engagement ring or wedding ring? This is a question we answer frequently. Here at Watch Surgery, our jewellers specialise in jewellery polishing and jewellery finishing services. Our experts use specialist polishing mops and cleaning techniques in order to bring the best out of your jewellery.

Everyday activities can make your jewellery look dull and old. With our polishing service, you can wear and enjoy your favourite jewellery and not worry about scratching or marking it. We can polish any type of jewellery and provide the final required finish, whether that be mirror shine, matt or satin.

Polishing alone will not remove deep scratches from your jewellery. Using our state-of-the-art laser soldering machine, we can melt and rebuild these deep cuts whether your scratched item is made of gold, silver, platinum or stainless steel. Whilst filling these cuts, we are able to focus on the actual scratch using a microscope and then melt the scratch by laser welding which burs out any impurities and prepares the scratch for filling. We are then able to add the same metal as your item. Therefore, the filled scratch becomes seamless and the jewellery doesn’t lose its purity. Following this process, we will smoothen the surface and then professionally polish your jewellery. The scratch which bothered you so much will appear to have never been there!

We can also effectively deal with porosity by melting the affected surface and filling the voids with the same metal. This process involves exactly the same method as the scratch removal process which has been explained above.