Laser Jewellery Repair

Do you need your broken jewellery soldering? Our experts offer professional laser jewellery soldering services for your gold, silver, platinum and steel jewellery.

Here at Watch Surgery, we only use a state-of-the-art laser soldering machine which enables us to focus and work on areas as small as 0.05mm in radius by using a microscope whilst having the ability to control the duration and power of the laser beam during soldering.

Laser welding, enables us to melt and add the same metal of your jewellery while soldering joints. This is the reason laser soldered joints are 260 times stronger than traditionally soldered joints by fire and soldering wire. Therefore, the joint becomes seamless and the jewellery doesn’t lose its purity. This also enables us to solder your jewellery without taking any stones out and without affecting the plating.