Regulation and adjustment

Regulation and Adjustment:

If your watch has recently been serviced by a professional watchmaker and is still not keeping the right time, we are able to correct this by regulating and adjusting. Regulation and adjustment are small but crucial corrections where watchmakers fine-tune timepieces for optimum accuracy.

  • Regulation: If your watch runs too fast or too slow consistently, then our watchmakers can correct the beat rate by regulating your watch. The consistency is crucial.
  • Adjustment: If your watch doesn’t run consistently in different positions, then our watchmakers can correct this by adjusting the resting point of the balance wheel.

  • Here at Watch Surgery, we pride ourselves on having a close relationship with our customers and providing them with a very personal service, at every stage of the repair and service process. We think that good communication is vital as part of good quality service, without third parties. The watchmaker who will be repairing your watch will be the same person in direct contact with you.