Seiko Battery Replacement, Reseal, Pressure Test

Here at Watch Surgery, our watchmakers are experts in Seiko repairs and services. Our watch repair service includes a 1-year guarantee, providing you with peace of mind. Our team of experts has the experience, expertise, and professional tools to help you repair and restore your Seiko watch to its former glory, whether you need a replacement battery, glass, crown, or movement.

In all of our branches, we offer same-day professional watch battery replacement, resealing and pressure testing for your Seiko watches. For your peace of mind, Watch Surgery gives one year guarantee for any battery we replace with your proof of purchase. We only use Swiss watch batteries which are guaranteed to have a long-lasting life.

  • Inspection:
  • As part of the battery replacement process, our watch technicians will thoroughly inspect your timepiece to ensure that all components including seals and gaskets are in excellent condition.

  • Swiss Battery:
  • We only use Swiss-made batteries that have been designed for use in watches and are recommended by most Swiss watch manufacturers.

  • Resealing:
  • We reseal the back of your watch with a special re-sealant in order to make sure it is water resistant again. Providing that none of the seals are damaged and that the watch case is in good condition and the glass is not cracked, the watch will remain as water-resistant as it was prior to the change.The water-resistant seal of a watch, also known as the watch gasket, naturally deteriorates with age. Especially if the watch is worn during sporting activities or is regularly exposed to water, it will deteriorate much more rapidly. During our inspections, if we find that your watch requires a new gasket seal replacement, they will inform you of the cost.

  • Pressure Testing:
  • We have the latest Swiss waterproof testing equipment to pressure test watches, while you wait, in our branches. We highly recommend having your waterproof and water-resistant watches pressure tested when changing batteries. It is your responsibility to ask for this additional service.

  • Cleaning:
  • While changing your watch's battery, we can clean your watch professionally, thereby extending its lifespan, removing odors, and restoring its appearance. Our specialist ultrasonic-watch-cleaning service includes: Removing the bracelet from the case, ultrasonic bathing of the bracelet, the lock, and the end wings to remove dirt, tarnish, grease, and odor, cleaning the case, the bezel, the crown, and the buttons, and re-fitting the bracelet. We recommend this service to all of our clients as an additional service.

  • Bezel stopped clicking:
  • The watchmakers at our workshop can inspect your watch and determine the cause of the problem. There are usually 2 springs that work together for the bezel to make a clicking sound. Click spring for the bezel that works with retaining spring. Occasionally, the click spring or inside the bezel gets dirty, resulting in the click becoming stuck, resulting in the bezel not making a clicking sound. In the case of a broken click spring, we will provide you with a quotation for the replacement click.