Crown/Stem/Button Replacement:

This is a very common problem with watches. If the crown came away from the stem or the stem which connects the crown to the movement broke, we can repair your watch quickly. If the whole crown and the stem come out, this means that the locking mechanism in the movement which holds the stem in its place is not working. If this is repairable, we will repair this part of the movement. If not, we will change this part of the movement. If a new part is not available, we will change the movement in it’s entirety, according to the fault or availability of the required part. We stock lots of different types of unbranded crowns and buttons because the look and feel of every watch is different. We will offer you these products as a cheaper alternative to your lost branded crown. As we hold accounts with many watch manufacturers, we can also contact the manufacturer of your watch and order the original crown for you, should you wish us to use only the same branded parts on your watch.

Movement Replacement

If, for any reason, we cannot repair the movement of your watch , we will replace it with the same make and model as the original. As every watch brand and model looks different, movements are very different too. We keep many regular makes and models of movements in our stock. If , however, we don’t have the movement for your watch, we will keep the watch and order the original movement. Once the work has been carried out, we will advise you that your watch is ready for collection.

Glass Replacement

We stock many regular sizes and shapes of mineral glass. If the necessary glass you require is in our stock, we will carry on with the repair and will replace your broken glass while you wait. If the glass required is unusually thick or an unusual shape , we would have to order glass for it. We can also cut glass to the correct size for your watch.

Glass polish

We are only able to polish plastic glass of watches. When mineral glass becomes scratched, we would recommend that you replace the glass as this would be more practical and also cost-effective.

Case & Bracelet Polishing

We use either a traditional hand polishing technique or different types of sanding /polishing wheels to do the job. If you would like us to take a few scratches out of the watch, we will do this while you wait. If it is a complete polish, which means making your watch look as good as new, then the whole process will take 3-4 hours.