Watch Servicing

Automatic and Mechanical Watch Service

Does your Rolex need service? Is your Omega watch gaining or loosing time? Here at Watch Surgery we have the technology and the experience to deliver outstanding service for your mechanical and quartz watches.

A mechanical watches contain constantly moving small gears and other components, miniature screws & delicate springs. As a watch ages, the lubricants, which make these parts work perfectly, start to undergo chemical decomposition. This affects the perfect harmony of the movement which then causes a decline of the accuracy for your timepiece.

At Watch Surgery, we believe mechanical timepieces need to be professionally serviced every four to five years to keep their performance at their best. Anything longer than five years will create unnecessary stress on continuously moving components which may cause an actually avoidable damage to your watch. Therefore a regular maintenance by a professional watchmaker is key to preserve the lifespan of your watch.

Servicing of a mechanical watch entails:

  • Dismantling: Complete dismantling of the mechanism and cleaning all components in specialist baths
  • Inspecting: Inspecting all components to ensure that they are in impeccable condition
  • Replacing: Replacing any defective parts only with the manufacturers’ original parts, as required
  • Rebuilding and lubricating: Rebuilding and lubrication of the mechanism
  • Regulating and Testing: De-magnetising, regulation and testing of the timepiece with specialist timing equipment
  • Refitting: Refitting the dial and hands
  • Restoring: Restoring the movement back to the case
  • Testing: Testing the timepiece and making the necessary timekeeping adjustments where required.

  • Here at Watch Surgery, we pride ourselves on having a close relationship with our customers and providing them with a very personal service, at every stage of the repair and service process. We think that good communication is vital as part of good quality service, without third parties. The watchmaker who will be repairing your watch will be the same person in direct contact with you.

    Guarantee:For your peace of mind, Watch surgery gives one year guarantee for servicing and the parts we replaced with your proof of purchase. This guarantee excludes; damage by misuse, rust, condensation or water penetration.