Do you want to emboss a one off item and you have been refused by printers and embossers because of their minimum quantities. Whether you want to emboss initials on one leather hand bag or want to personalise one hundred leatherette journals with a message, here in our Watch Surgery Bond Street branch will take on any of your projects and offer professional and bespoke embossing service while you wait.

Embossing and debossing are most commonly confused in our times. Embossing is stamping an upraised design and debossing is stamping an indented design. Debossing technique of pressing heated metal die (artwork engraved into a metal usually brass) down onto a leather surface with pressure and reshaping the surface creating a permanent impression has been used for centuries for personalisation of leather products. This is the service we offer when we state embossing or embossment.

We use the same high quality embossing machine as many luxury retailers. We are also able to emboss your larger items like leather jewellery storage boxes etc.

We offer blind embossing and hot foil printing in gold and silver. Hot foil printing aka foil stamping is applying heated metal die onto metallic foil and permanently sticking the impression onto a leather surface. We stock gold and silver foils with a matt or shiny finishes. If you require any other colour foils we are always happy to source them for you.

Please see the below list of leather and leatherette products which we can personalise for you with initials or a message.

  • Wallets, purses, bags, satchels, belts, luggage tags, passport covers,
  • Bibles, books, photo albums, guest books, menus, diaries, notebooks
  • Phone, tablet and kindle cases and covers
  • Jewellery boxes, watch boxes

If you require any further information regarding our engraving services or just need some friendly advice before you commission your engraving project, please come in to one of our branches or contact us at info@watchsurgerylondon.co.uk