Watch Movement Replacement

Watch Movement Replacement

Despite changing the battery, the watch does not work or it doesn't keep accurate time! Drains the power of a new battery very quickly? That might mean it is time to replace the movement of your watch. In spite of what the issue may be, our watchmakers are available to inspect your watch movement, diagnose the problem and give you their expert advice.

Watch movements are produced by a variety of manufacturers and have a variety of qualities.There are certain watch movements that cannot be dismantled for repair purposes, particularly those used by designer fashion brands and budget brands. So once they are damaged, they will have to be replaced with the same watch movement. On the other hand, there are also watch movements, which are repairable. However, it is often more appropriate and cost effective to replace the entire movement rather than repair/replace the malfunctioning part. There are also Swiss made watch movements which are worthwhile repairing.

In order to provide watch movement replacement service in store while you wait, we keep most popular quartz watch movements in stock, including Swiss movements. Occasionally, less common movements must be ordered from the suppliers, and the lead time for delivery and repair is usually one week.

Each replacement watch movement is equipped with a brand new Swiss battery.

We provide a one-year guarantee with your proof of purchase for the replacement movement including the battery.