Crown Replacement

Did you knock your watch and the stem of your watch is now broken? Is your stem rusted and came apart? Your watch stem won't stay in, won’t go back in, won’t wind? Or just worn out with age? Our technicians come across with this problem very frequently.

Whether you need a stem extension or a stem replacement, our trained technicians can repair or replace your broken stems swiftly in store.

If your watch stem and crown came out as one piece and won’t stay in, then the problem may be with the keyless work of the watch movement. The keyless works in a watch is what controls the manual winding, quick date changing and time setting functions. The crown is interconnected levers such as the setting lever, the operating lever and the yoke, which allow this transition, according to its position. The setting lever is the lever which holds the winder in place. A knock on the crown or pulling the watch crown very hard may dislodge or sometimes, in extreme cases, damage this lever which will result in malfunction.