Ring Resizing

Where can I get my ring resized? We have the answer for all your needs regarding “ring alterations”. Whether you want your ring to be smaller or larger, our skilled jewellers will professionally resize your ring with a seamless finish. Generally a ring can be modified up to a maximum of two sizes.

When a ring is made smaller the jeweller usually cuts out a piece from the shank and after adjusting the ring to its original form, solders it back together. Then the jeweller smoothens and cleans the surface before polishing and giving a mirror-finish to the ring.

Did you know that white gold is not a natural element but a mixture of gold with most commonly nickel, magnesium, copper, silver, platinum or palladium? The common ratio of the alloy is 90% pure gold and 10% nickel. When mixed with nickel the alloy is hard and strong which is suitable for producing rings. The alloy is very soft when mixed with palladium or copper so has an increased malleability. The colour of the finished alloy can be pale yellow, tinted brown or pale rose. The jewelers conceal these off-white colours by rhodium plating.

When a ring is made larger there are generally two techniques to be used. If your ring needs to be made larger just by half a size, this can be achieved by stretching the ring with a ring stretcher. However if the ring needs to be enlarged by more than half a size, then the shank needs to be cut and an additional piece which is the same material of the jewellery has to be soldered. Finally the jeweller smoothens the soldered surfaces before polishing and giving a mirror-finish to the ring. In the past, jewellers used a fire torch with soldering flux and soldering wire in order to solder any joints. When the heat was applied to the joint, due to the conductivity of metals, this transferred heat could damage any heat-sensitive gemstones which were set in the rings. This is the reason why jewellers had to take out any set stones before they started soldering. This way of soldering is very ineffective and jewellers can weaken or even damage prongs and claws as they try to take out and reset the gemstones.

Here at Watch Surgery, we only use a state-of-the-art laser soldering machine which enables us to focus and work on areas as small as 0.05mm in radius by using a microscope whilst having the ability to control the duration and power of the laser beam during soldering.

Laser welding, enables us to melt and add the same metal of your jewellery while soldering joints. This is the reason laser soldered joints are 260 times stronger than traditionally soldered joints by fire and soldering wire. Therefore, the joint becomes seamless and the jewellery doesn’t lose its purity. This also enables us to solder your rings without taking any stones out and without affecting the plating.

Even though we can resize most rings some may not be suitable for re-sizing because of the shape and the stones on the shoulders of the ring which may fall out during the resizing process. Our expert jewellers will be happy to advise you accordingly.

At Watch Surgery, we recognise and appreciate the financial and sentimental value of your jewellery. Whether it is an engagement ring or a family heirloom bracelet, we will take absolute care of your jewellery to the highest standard.