Rhodium Replating

How to clean white gold? White gold jewellery and watches lose their colour and shine by everyday use. Our experienced jewelers specialised in rhodium plating can restore your jewellery and watches and make them look like new again. We are proud to offer rhodium plating service in-house service to our customers in Central London.

Our rhodium plating service includes:

  • Removal of scratches and old rhodium plating
  • Polishing your jewellery to highest standard “mirror shine”
  • Re-rhodium plating in order to restore your jewellery to its first day glory

Did you know that white gold is not a natural element but a mixture of gold with most commonly nickel, magnesium, copper, silver, platinum or palladium? The common ratio of the alloy is 90% pure gold and 10% nickel. When mixed with nickel the alloy is hard and strong which is suitable for producing rings. The alloy is very soft when mixed with palladium or copper so has an increased malleability. The colour of the finished alloy can be pale yellow, tinted brown or pale rose. The jewelers conceal these off-white colours by rhodium plating.