Rechargeable Battery and Capacitor Replacement

"Capacitor” and “Rechargeable Battery” Replacement Services

Specialised “Capacitor” and “Rechargeable Battery” replacement services are available for all watch brands in our branches. We only use capacitors and rechargeable batteries which are specifically produced for your watch by the manufacturer.

Capacitors purely store generated power for short-term storage in the electric field of insulated plates and use. They do not have chemicals to generate power and this is why they are much more environmentally friendly than the conventional batteries. Rechargeable batteries store its potential energy in a chemical form.

Even though in theory “kinetic watch” and “solar watch” are powered by rechargeable batteries and capacitors which never need changing, in practice they also need to be replaced in every 7-10 years because with time they lose their ability to store power.

If your kinetic watch stops working or fails to hold a charge, it means that either the lithium ion energy unit, aka the capacitor, is defective or exhausted or the watch movement consumes more energy than it is supposed to. The first step to resolving this problem would be to replace the capacitor unit. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, then the watch needs to be serviced.

Servicing Kinetic Watches

As your kinetic watch ages, the grease and oil which make all the components of your watch work in harmony, start losing their specifications. This causes high levels of friction between the moving parts. The watch tries to compensate for high friction by consuming more electrical power which, in turn, drains the capacitor.

Servicing of a kinetic watch procedure entails:

  • Complete dismantling of the mechanism and clean all components in specialist baths
  • Inspecting all components to ensure that they are in impeccable condition
  • Replacing any worn and malfunctioning parts only with the manufacturers’ original parts.
  • Rebuilding and lubrication of the mechanical parts of the mechanism
  • Inspecting the circuit which transfers the powers from the capacitor to the quartz crystal and from the quartz crystal to the step motor and testing of the timepiece with specialist timing equipment
  • Refitting the dial and hands
  • Restoring the movement back to the case
  • Testing the timepiece

For your peace of mind, Watch Surgery gives one year guarantee for any rechargeable batteriesand capacitors we replace with your proof of purchase.

Pressure Testing
We have the latest Swiss water proof testing equipment to pressure test watches after completing the work, while you wait, in our branches. We highly recommend having your waterproof and water resistant watches pressure tested when changing batteries. It is your responsibility to ask for this additional service.

Please see the below watch rating chart which shows the various specifications and what they really mean, for your reference.