One year guarantee

1 year guarantee

For your peace of mind, Watch Surgery gives one year guarantee for any battery we replace or any repair we carry out with your proof of purchase.

Watch Battery Guarantees

We only use Swiss watch batteries which are guaranteed to have a long lasting life.

Battery power consumption of quartz movements varies according to their make, model and age. The same battery may have a lifespan of 2 years in a certain movement but may well last for up to 4 years in another watch with a different quartz movement. It is also worth remembering that as the watch gets older the movement needs more power to keep the time resulting in a shorter battery life.

Depending on the model of the watch movement, low batteries may sometimes cause the watch to run slower. Some watches have a built-in end of life battery indicator which monitors the battery level and so they are able to signal that the battery is running low. For instance the second hand of certain Tag-Heuer watches starts jumping in every four seconds which means that the battery replacement is due even though the watch continues to show the correct time.

We recommend you to get low and empty batteries replaced as soon as possible as old batteries can cause malfunction and may also leak. If the battery leaks into the movement, it is very difficult to repair the damage. Therefore, a basic change of watch battery could potentially become a costly job of movement replacement.

As a green company we recycle your old batteries, even the leaked ones, in order not to contaminate the environment with harmful chemicals.