Pearl Stringing

Has the thread of your favourite pearl necklace snapped or discoloured? Has the silk thread of your bead bracelet frayed or stretched? At our branches in Central London we offer a complete pearl stringing service. Our expert jewellers can restring or redesign your favourite pearl jewellery with or without knots.

Generally precious pearls, which are mostly family heirlooms, are strung with closely tied knots in order to eliminate the friction between the pearls while providing flexibility as well as protection for the jewellery. Because they are all knotted, if the string breaks you may only lose one pearl.

As a rule of thumb we recommend you to keep your pearls clean and free of any chemicals and oils. You may clean your pearl jewellery by gently wiping with a piece of soft cloth dipped into chemical free soapy water. Never put your pearl jewellery into water.

Regular checks on your beaded and pearl jewellery are necessary as in the course of time, the string will deteriorate will lose its strength. Storing pearl and bead jewellery lying down will reduce unnecessary stress on the string so the string lasts longer.