Ring Repairs

Here at Watch Surgery our expert jewelers provide a professional and comprehensive ring repair for your all damaged rings. Whether it is a fancy fashion ring or a special wedding ring we handle your treasured items with utmost care. Our state-of-the-art tools and machines enable us to carry out the highest quality of work in order to repair your golden eternity rings, signet rings with or without stones, engagement rings, friendship rings, silver promise rings and many more.

Our ring repair service includes:

  • Ring re-shapingOver time rings lose their original shape. They are either bent and completely out of shape (usually rings without stones) or they are bent at the bottom (commonly rings with stones or signet rings). After reshaping your rings back to their original form our expert jewelers will give their final look by finishing with mirror-shine, matt or satin mops.
  • Replacing missing prongsProngs are the parts of the ring which hold the gemstone safe and secure in its place. However during daily use the prongs can catch on things or bump into hard objects. This may result either one or more prongs to bend out of place or to break off completely. In an extreme situation the gemstones may even fall off. To prevent this dramatic situation a regular and professional inspection of prongs is recommended to make sure that the prongs are completely in contact with the gemstone in the right place. With worn or broken prongs you have three options. We can either re-tip each broken prong or replace the broken prongs with new ones or finally we can replace the head of your ring completely. Our expert jewelers will advise you after the initial inspection of your ring.
  • Re-tipping broken clawsThe claws are the tips of prongs which secure the gemstone to the head of the ring. As they are set over the gemstone they are more exposed to everyday accidents which may result in claws wearing and sometimes breaking off. In the past, when a prong or a claw broke, jewellers used to take all stones out of the jewellery, cut out and file down the damaged prong and solder a new prong with a torch and then set the stones back into the jewellery. This technique is still being used by the traditional jewellers. This way of repairing is very ineffective and jewellers can even weaken or damage the other prongs as they try to take out and reset the gemstones. With our state of the art laser soldering machine our highly skilled jewellers can build up worn claws to their original levels, repair the cracked tips and can put new tips without taking any stones out as laser soldering enables us to solder without damaging the gemstones.
  • Soldering cracked bridges and shanksOur expert jewelers can solder and repair the cracked bridges and shanks of your rings without removing any gemstones. Because of heat conductivity of metals, traditional soldering techniques when used on stone set jewelry may cause damage to a gemstone. Therefore jewelers have to remove any stones which are close to the joints. Laser welding which is 260 times stronger than a soldered joint enables us to solder your jewellery without taking any stones out. Our state of the art laser soldering machine enables us to focus and work on areas as small as 0.05mm in radius by using microscope whilst we are able to control the duration and the power of the laser beam during soldering.
  • Replacing missing stones “Stone setting”Have you lost stones on your ring? Whether it is a precious or a semiprecious stone, cubic zirconia or crystal, our expert jewellers will source and set the missing stones with the desired shades to bring your ring to its former glory. As we are based in central London, we have many connections with stone dealers in Hatton Garden. Our jewellers will communicate with you in every step of the stone replacement process in order to make sure the stone we source and set is the stone you desire to see on your precious ring. Our jewellers can also source and replace Swarovski crystals on your rings too.