Watch Clasp & Buckle Replacement

Here at Watch Surgery we will do our best to repair your original clasp and buckle. However if they are damaged beyond repair, we can order the original manufacturer’s parts. Alternatively you can choose one of our generic products from our stock.

We have the following Deployment Clasps & Buckles for Watches with Leather Straps

  • Sliding Clamp Opening
  • Butterfly
  • Butterfly Spring Release
  • Single Opening
  • 3 Fold Spring Release
  • Buckles for dress and sports watches

And hold the following clasps for Watch Bracelets:

  • 3 Fold Adjustable Clasps
  • 3 Fold Sprung Release Clasps
  • 3 Fold with Extension Spring Clasps
  • Butterfly Clasps
  • Clip On Clasps
  • Extenders Clasps
  • Fold Over Clasps
  • Screw & Slide Fitting Clasps
  • Ladder Clasps