Replica watch repair

Replica and Super Clone Watch Repair and Service

At Watch Surgery, we offer watch repair services for any watch including Chinese replicas and clones. As watch repairers, we would be happy to inspect your watch and advise you accordingly. We have a large stock of spare parts for any watch including Chinese movements in our stock.

Servicing and repairing a mechanical watch whether it is Swiss, Japanese, or Chinese is the same process. Dismantling, inspecting, cleaning, reassembling, oiling, and regulation. This process requires skill and experience to ensure that the watch is returned to its factory specification. If all parts in pristine condition then the quality of the workmanship ultimately determines the performance of the watch. It is essential to use the right tools and lubricants to ensure a successful repair.

In a mechanical watch, hundreds of components work simultaneously 24/7. As the main spring unwinds, it powers the movement and puts all parts of the gear train under constant pressure. The constant pressure causes friction between the parts. In order for a watch to work correctly and harmoniously over time, it is crucial that its parts are able to withstand this constant pressure and friction.

Swiss movements are manufactured using the highest quality materials by precise machinery while adhering to rigorous quality control standards. Caliber numbers and the name of the manufacturer are always engraved on the movement. If necessary, replacement parts can be ordered. All watchmakers enjoy repairing Swiss watches because once inspected parts are assembled and oiled according to the technical data sheet, they simply work.

Repairing Chinese replicas are usually a challenge. Most manufacturers strive to make their products as close as possible to the real thing, but they usually compromise on the quality and reliability of the movements. Manufacturers are never required to deal with their product again once the product is sold to the customer. There are no caliber numbers on the movement. Replacement parts cannot be ordered easily as there are many watch movement manufacturers producing similar products.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of super clone watches. These watches look identical to the originals to an untrained eye. Recent developments in technology and the availability of advanced machinery have made it possible for the manufacturers of clone watches to copy the original watches in every detail including the movements. Often, you can only tell the difference between an original watch and a clone watch by looking at its inner components. Despite being almost identical to the original watch, there are still problems with their reliability.

Guarantee:For your peace of mind, Watch surgery gives one year guarantee for servicing and the parts we replaced with your proof of purchase. This guarantee excludes; damage by misuse, rust, condensation or water penetration.

Please see the below watch rating chart which shows the various specifications and what they really mean, for your reference.