Leather Strap Replacement

We hold a very large stock of leather straps. The width of our straps ranges from 6mm to 38mm. We also stock extra long straps, if you require a longer than standard length strap.

Should you wish to order the same strap from the manufacturer of your watch, we will contact the manufacturer directly and order this for you, as we hold accounts with many watch brands. Delivery times for branded products are entirely dependent on the stock availability and manufacturer’s transport time.

Bracelet Replacement & Adjustment

We hold a large stock of steel bracelets as well as expandable steel bracelets in silver and gold colours . We will put your selected bracelet onto your watch and make the necessary adjustments to ensure it fits your wrist perfectly. We can adjust your watch bracelet to your wrist sizewhatever the material is (eg Ceramic, Steel, Plastic, Silicon, Alloy) while you wait too.

Bracelet Repair:

If your bracelet is in a repairable condition, we will advise you of the price of the repair with two options: changing to an unbranded alternative or the same branded part from the manufacturer, so that you can consider and decide which option you would prefer. Even though it is much easier to order and replace the exact same part, certain older watches no longer have available parts and so we have no alternative other than to repair the watch.